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I take pride in my work from beginning to end.

Graphic design is a passion I’ve always enjoyed; the creative process fuels me. I continueously find ways to improve upon my craft. My works run the gamut, from business advertising, such as ads, brochures, and fliers, to other outlets such as creating memory books for elementary school students.

I took my first steps down this path in college, earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Oregon University. I learned the basics, and in the years since, have added my own touches to make the projects I do shine.  

My professional background has allowed me to not only grow as a designer but also gain a better understanding about how to create a professional finished product. I worked as a graphic designer at the Statesman Journal newspaper in Salem for 12 years. My responsibilities included making small changes to previously created ads to building entirely new campaigns, with different types of print and digital ads. Each project, however, required me to strictly adhere to deadlines and manage my time efficiently.

I also worked in prepress, the final stage before printing on paper, ensuring all color ads and pages printed correctly on the plates that would be fitted on the press. If there was an issue, I was the person to troubleshoot it. It gave me a unique perspective that I use with all of my work: A design might look good on the screen, but how effective would it be in print? Would there be issues with the colors or photos when it’s printed? Working on the press side helped me avoid these potential pitfalls.

When I’m not creating a new design project, I’m spending time with family and friends, and traveling around the Northwest.

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